Get up to speed on ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 Videos:

  • Introducing ASP.NET 5 (Channel 9)
    • user secret – how to hide your connection strings demo
    • environment config which replaces web.config transform demo.
  • Deep Dive into ASP.NET 5 (Channel 9)
    • Razor page @Inject demo
    • dnx, dnvm, dnu overview
    • debug for dependency injection bug
    • issues with dependencies for injection and frameworks
    • comments of movements of code in 5 core using example CultureInfo (core) vs System.Threading(legacy)
    • demo of no longer creating bin debug folder during build and how to produce output to artifacts folder
    • nuspec is not needed as project.json takes care of that
    • nuget package explorer demo (go git it)
    • dnu pack demo
    • how to create a tag helper demo
  • Deep Dive into Microsoft ASP.NET 5 (Channel 9)
    • “‘dnx’ is not recognized as an internal…” how to set active dnx using dnvm demo
    • dnvm use default -p demo to set user and process path for dnx
    • dnu publish --out C:\code\output\yourpath --no-source demo t to publish without source
    • how to create self contained app package example cmddnu publish --out C:\code\output\yourpath --no-source --runtime runtime_folder_name --runtime runtime_folder_name2 if you use .net 4.6 it will still require the framework to be installed. Warning when using multiple –runtime bash file only uses first path passed in.
    • IIS doesn’t know anything about .NET 5. The web.config and asp.netloader put in wwwroot for IIS to work
    • debugging dnx example and structure overview
    • example of how to register Autofac
  • ASP.NET Community Standup

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